Wednesday, December 30, 2020

2020 End of Year Review

It’s time again for me to indulge myself, a little bit anyway, in an end of year review. This was my second year blogging although I took some time out whilst I sorted myself out. I’m going to try to not mention the great global pandemic which caused such disruption and upset so many plans. Even so though it was quite a year

2020 Highlights


  • The All Hell Let Loose wargames rules by David Wasilewski were published! Available now from
  • I took my Arnhem game to York and Hammerhead. Wargames Illustrated put a picture of it in their magazine.
  • I completed a model and game of Brécourt Manor.
  • My eldest really loves going to wargames shows with me and building the occasional model. We are doing the lonely mountain for his geography homework.
  • Built a model of a V1 Launch site
  • Painted my early war Germans
  • Ended the year rebuilding my enthusiasm for wargaming.


Passing Regrets

  • That we were all locked down and I couldn’t attend more shows
  • My father passing
  • Having to take time out from the blog and my hobby for so long
  • My eldest not finishing his first unit of British troops for the AWI.


2021 Hopes 

  • Get to any show any where.
  • See respectable All Hell Let Loose sales.
  • Exhibit at the Joy of Six, hopefully alongside my friend Roly and his Chateau la Londe game
  • Engage my eldest son more and teach him some basic war games. 
  • Introduce my other son to wargaming and modelling.
  • Continue to produce this blog
  • Produce another model or two - nothing definite yet but hopefully the muse will strike
  • Get back to some face to face gaming next see so many friends.

Keep gaming!

Charles the Modeller 

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