Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Arnhem at Fiasco 2019

The All Hell Let Loose team and my Arnhem model will be at Fiasco in Leeds at the Royal Armouries on the 27th October 2019. We’ll be by Sally 4th, Colonel Bills and the Bradford Battletech Battalion.

We will be running a quick participation game using 6mm figures simulating Graebner’s charge across the bridge. You can see Richard Attenborough’s version here.

Please pop over, say hello, and give the game a go.

May your dice roll well!

Charles the Modeller


  1. Great looking table, well done!


    1. Thank you! I am very pleased with the board and the way it turned out.

  2. Amazing town. The houses are a smaller scale I think? Miniatures are 6mm and houses 1/600 or so? Amazing though. I saved every photo for the folder. Maybe I'll do this one day when I have a house. :P


    1. Hi Mirrorbird, the buildings are 1:1000 as is the ground scale, the vehicles and figures are indeed 6mm. I built this so that we could refight the whole 3 days of the bridge defence and I think it would be very challenging and expensive to do this with buildings at any bigger scale! The buildings are based separately to the board so I can reuse them elsewhere to make modular towns and villages. You don’t need much storage space so you could get a head start now! ;p



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