Sunday, December 13, 2020

All Hell Let Loose Ruleset Available Now!


I am absolutely delighted to announce that the All Hell Let Loose ruleset is now available to buy at!!

The rules are aimed at 6mm wargamers and are designed for European theatre WW2 games and were written by David Wasilewski.

The rules are available in hardback, softback and downloadable PDF.

The game is designed for players to control between 3 and 5 formations each - battalions, regiments or battle groups. These are made up of stands with each stand representing a platoon of about 30 infantry or 4 - 5 vehicles. The game contains a guide for playing at 1-2-1 scale and I used this for my Brecourt Manor game. Basing is 25mm by 32mm but is not crucial we’ve played games with different sized bases without any problems.

All dice rolls us 6 sided dice.

Scale and time are not defined but for bigger scale games consider 1” is between 50 and 100 yards, 1 turn 30 to 60 minutes

There are only 3 mechanics to learn -

Activation controlling movement and actions. Checks result in formations doing very little to sudden bursts of action.

Firing - both direct and indirect comparing dices rolls and situational modifiers with defence factors.

Assault - close quarters firing and hand to hand fighting.

There is no map making or written orders system. Formations can move strategically (faster and with certainty but no combat effect) or tactically (more varied movement and combat effectiveness). We also cater for disguised movement and fog of war.

Turn sequence is determined by dice out of a bag

Smaller games can be completed in 4 hours on a 6 ft by 4ft table

I talk a bit about what we wanted to achieve here and discuss the activation concepts here.

There will be more content on this blog discussing the rules over the next few months and some scenarios for use with the rules.

This facebook group contains more rules information and discussion, please join if you are on social media.

Keep the dice rolling!

Charles the Modeller

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