Sunday, August 11, 2019

TerrainTime Challenge - Arnhem city blocks

This month I'm taking part in Angry Piper's August TerrainTime Challenge. Its basically just a call out to gamers to produce a piece of terrain for the battlefield. You can see the background and the premise for the challenge here.
I along with the following chaps are giving building terrain in August a go,
I am always looking at adding more terrain. Last month was a mammoth job making pine trees. I'm now switching back to my Arnhem model build. Whilst the main features of the layout have been built I haven't finalised any of the buildings yet. 
My intention is to make the buildings removable. This allows me to re-use the terrain pieces on other battlefields, and because the layout requires so many buildings means its only pretty expensive rather than unaffordable.
Although I game mostly in 6mm I use smaller scale buildings for the reasons I talk about here The model buildings are almost exclusively from Brigade Models. I've put 5 different pictures up showing the different stages once the buildings have been painted and laid out on the base until the base is finished.
The painted buildings are superglued onto a base of 1.5mm plasticard with a base colour painted onto it.

I cut and glued on some 0.5mm by 2mm styrene strips ro represent walls 

I then added a base flock and drybush the concrete/ stone sections

Add a top layer of flock, and Woodland scenic foliage of different shades and sizes for bushes

Finish with trees as required.

For my trees I use copper wire and Woodland Scenic's foliage/ turf.
I've twisted 10 lengths of copper wire together and formed a basic tree shape. The trunk is extra long some of it will be embedded in the base. Its given a quick coat of dark brown paint.

PVA is painted onto the wire and Woodland Scenic Coarse Turf is pressed on. I use a mix of two colours to help mimic the different colours of leaves on a tree. This is a mix of medium and dark green.

Once the PVA is dry I use a watered down glue mix the consistency and colour of milk and cover the tree. This binds the foliage together and hardens it, hopefully improving longevity.

I'll have more updates on progress later this month.

Happy gaming

Charles the Modeller


  1. I like your method for the trees. Using clothespins to hold them together while they dry is a great idea I am going to pinch.

    1. Steal away! That’s why we’re all sharing. Awesome patch of woodland you have built, it looks superb!


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