Saturday, August 31, 2019

Terrain Time Challenge - Finished work

As I posted earlier in the month I have been taking part in Angry Piper's August Terrain Time Challenge over at Dead Dick's Tavern. Lots of others got involved so pop on over and have a look at their contributions too.
The earlier post showed the stages I went through to produce each block of buildings for my Arnhem model. This post shows my finished contribution to the challenge - lots of city blocks with fences, walls, hedges, buildings and trees. Each block is a section of Arnhem from near the bridge but I've made them removable to use on other battlefields as generic village or town sections.

The next Arnhem related post, hopefully in just about a week or so will show them in situ on the model.

Happy gaming

Charles the Modeller


  1. I would love to see them all together as a group!

    1. Hopefully that will be coming shortly. I have some trees and bushes to place on the ramp and some buildings to finish off. Then I'll have enough to start photographing the board. There are still some sections of buildings to source but I'm pretty pleased with things so far.
      I think the next Arnhem post will be on the 17th - the 75th anniversary of the drop.


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