Sunday, May 19, 2019

Eastern Front Villages

I posted earlier photos of a French village and town I created using the impressive buildings from Brigade Models who have a wide and growing range to choose from.  I'm also using their buildings in the major Arnhem build project as well. I prefer to use buildings and terrain more in scale with the ground than the figures on my tabletops and these 2mm buildings allow that sense of scale whilst still having details you can pick out.
The buildings come from The Eastern Front set and eventually I’ll finish painting the magnificent church brigade do. I placed some Russians by Adler and GHQ, on 32mm by 32mm bases, in the photos to give you a sense of size. 

The walls are strips of 1x2mm plastic cut to size, the trees are scratch built using twisted copper wire and coarse turf foam foliage. I cover the base with a very thin smattering of Basetex, dry brushed several times and finished with a brown inkwash.
The layout above could be the Caucus and southern areas of Russia and eastern Europe, whilst the layouts below are more for the northern areas.

A big thanks to Brigade for their feature of my painting and for reminding me I hadn’t posted these pics!

Happy gaming!

Charles the Modeller

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