Saturday, February 23, 2019

French Village and Town

As I mentioned in my last blog post, on the various scales in use on the tabletop, I prefer to use buildings on a smaller scale than my figures. As I spend most of my time with 6mm or 1/300 figures I go for 2mm or 1/1000 scale buildings. I love the designs from Brigade Models who have a wide and growing range to choose from.

I am in the middle of painting and basing a scarily large number of buildings, including Russian villages, city blocks and a pick 'n' mix selection for Frost's defence of Arnhem bridge. I'll post on those another time.

I'll start with some shots of a Normandy/ French village and expand it to become a small town. The buildings come from a range of sets including the Normandy village, Railway and English village sets by brigade models. I placed some very confused Russians by Adler and GHQ, on 32mm by 32mm bases, in the photos to give you a sense of size.

I have based the models on plasticard that is cut to multiples of the base sizes we use in the AHLL rules we're designing. This way we know exactly how many units can benefit from cover and concealment in any given town or village. It also allows me to change the village configuration easily and means we are not fighting over the same village every time it comes out.

The walls are strips of 1x2mm plastic cut to size, the trees are scratch built using twisted copper wire and  coarse turf foam foliage. I cover the base with a very thin smattering of Basetex, dry brushed several times and finished with a brown inkwash.

By adding more models I turn a village into a town. I've included some terraced houses and the factory set, including the large power station from Brigades industrial buildings.

Again all the models are based on multiples of the miniatures base sizes.

Here's a view of a game, with the Germans trying to defend a town (very successfully actually) with models placed in and on the town.

I'm still finishing off more buildings which I'll use to expand the town further and upgrade it to a city. When I'm done I'll post more pics.

Happy gaming!

Charles the Modeller

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