Thursday, April 14, 2022

Imjin River - the figures, vehicles and aircraft


Chinese troops ford the River Imjin 

Having completed the build of the Imjin model I switched into figure painting mode and have feverishly been painting away. I have now completed the painting of all the elements I need for the full refight.

For the Chinese I have used Adler’s WW2 6mm Russian range, predominantly S4 Soviet infantry in winter jacket and SS11 Soviet infantry winter jacket LMG. These troops all wear the quilted suit and the trapper style hat and are armed with a mix of rifles and burp SMGs. I’ve painted them in a mustardy yellow and I think they are perfect for this purpose.

The mortar and HMG teams are regular soviet figures as Adler doesn’t do a winter range. They still look the part though!

Chinese mortar team centre foreground 
I’ve had to paint a whole host of Chinese for the game. However the Chinese have so many troops that each stand gets recycled 3 or 4 times across the 3 days and 4 nights of the battle!
130 stands of Chinese, or what the Glosters have to go through each day!

For the Glosters I went with Adler’s WW2 6mm B4 British Royal Marines and BS4A Marine Bren Teams. I was hoping some of these figures would be depicted with the wool comforter hat but alas this was not to be. However they did all come with berets so I could paint the famous Black Gloster beret. I placed the Glosters in trenches using AKs light earth basing texture. Finally I used a different basing scheme to allow for easy visual differentiation between the Glosters and Chinese. 

Chinese on the left and bottom on dull green bases, Glosters on the upper right on brighter green bases.
Glosters based individually for a mini game segment of the battle

Again mortar, HMG and gun crews are from a mixture of the 8th Army and regular British army codes.

The soldiers of the Filipino 10th Infantry Combat Team are Adler WW2 US infantry.

The vehicles are by GHQ and are 1:285 scale. Again some proxies are required.

Firstly we have a Centurion Mk5 masquerading as a Centurion Mk3.

Next are some T16 universal carriers depicting the Oxford universal carrier.

The 25pdr guns of 45 Regt RA are actually 25pdr guns.

The M24 Chaffee is also an actual Chaffee.

And lastly the aircraft. Here I have used 1:600 aircraft from Tumbling Dice.

Firstly the F80 Shooting Stars.

The L4 Stinson Sentinel.

A single C119 Flying Boxcar

And finishing everything off are a couple of OH13 Sioux helicopters from Oddzial Osmy.

Next time I hope to be able to start presenting some AARs from the refight. If you want to look at or even game on this board it will be at Partizan in Newark on the 22nd May, Phalanx in St Helen’s on th 18th June and at the Joy of Six on the 3rd July.

Until then keep your dice rolling!

Charles the Modeller 

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  1. Fantastic! I love the different colour bases to show allegiance: dour socialist no-frills green and fun-loving capitalist bright green.


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