Thursday, February 10, 2022

Imjin River board - Complete!

This week I was able to commandeer the dining room and with a few hours work I was able to finish my River Imjin Korean War board. I had been able to complete almost everything on the individual boards but I just needed all 3 of them together the make sure some roads across joins were married up properly, and a village or two required adding. I have covered the details of the build in earlier posts of the blog and won’t talk about that here.

I am really pleased with the result. I have applied to show the board at the Joy of Six in July and intend to run it as a participation game. I’m on with painting the miniatures already and I will post on them shortly.

Today’s post though is just going to be pictures of the board.

Gloster Crossing looking south with Gloster Hill in the centre back

The flat expanse Lt. Guy Temple and his patrol escaped across after engaging the initial Chinese attempts to cross the Imjin

The hills in the centre of the photo were held by the Glosters on the first night of the battle. A co on the right on hill 148, D co in the centre on hill 182 and B on the left on hill 144.

Gloster Hill, Hill 235 where the Glosters fought their last stand. 

Gloster Hill looking west from Kamaksan. Seolma-ri, a small village, can be seen in the mid left of the picture.

The slopes of Kamaksan can be seen behind of Gloster Hill looking east.

Route 5Y, or 5 Yankee heading south through Choksong and passing below and then to the east of Gloster Hill. This was a strategic route to Seoul. The Glosters prevented this route being used by the Chinese for 3 crucial days.

Route 5Y then heads south down a long narrow valley. The UN tried to push reinforcements down this route. 

I am planning a pre show game and hope to be able to share an AAR. With the way the dates have fallen I hope to be fighting the battle on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th April, which by a curious coincidence is the 71st anniversary the battle.

Keep the dice rolling!

Charles the Modeller 


  1. Looks amazing! Plus I think Korea is too often overlooked as a period. I will keenly follow your project

    1. Thank you. I agree Korea is too often over shadowed by WW2 and Vietnam. I’m really looking forward to this game

  2. Amazing!! That is a wonderful piece of modelling! Your work on the contouring is brilliant. Have you been in touch with the Gloucester's Museum? I am sure this would not be out of place in there!!

    1. Thank you! I have made some initial overtures to the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum. I very much hope to be able to put an game on at the museum or display it there.

  3. Most Impressive work. Have you come across any good photos of Gloster Crossing at the time of the battle? I've uploaded a good number of modern shots here:

  4. Trying to find anyone who knew Arthur judge of the glosters. Killed at Imjin river.


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