Monday, April 12, 2021

Modifying unit stats and creating your own

The All Hell Let Loose rule book contains the stats for a range of vehicles and troops for the later war period. We very consciously choose not to stat up every vehicle and troop type for the entire war because it would double the length of the book, take ages to do and incite a thousand flame wars about whether this unit was too powerful vs another. What we have provided is a broad range of unit stats that allow players to use them as a template to build the units they need to fight the battles they want.

Units are divided by type into leg, wheeled, half tracked or tracked. This determines base speed.

Morale and quality is determined by the formation and is in 3 broad categories.

Units have a defence factor. By comparing the various vehicles and troops statted in the game is is fairly easy to determine roughly what any given vehicle should be if you know a little bit about it. These range between 5 and 12, so it’s not that hard to see where your unit falls on that scale!

Units have an attack score, with potentially different values for attacks against infantry than against vehicles. This also comes with a max range, all of which are divisible by 3. Attack values range between 0 and 7.

Finally we have created a range of keywords to describe a unit that apply minor variances. These include open topped for APCs, fast or slow to impact unit movement, optics for long range fire as well as others modifying morale and resilience.

All of this enables players to quickly and easily modify units to achieve the games they want without it being overpowering or daunting.

One of the members of the All Hell Let Loose Facebook group, Charlie Egham, did exactly this and has fought a number of battles set in the early stages of the war in the west set in France in 1940. He has generously given permission to share some of the photos from his gorgeous games here. 

He also uses 2mm buildings when fighting 6mm battles. Go on, give it a try!

Here in Britain we are now counting down the days to a return to the new normal and I hope very soon to be able to get some face to face gaming in for the first time in over a year!

Stay safe, and roll some dice!

Charles the Modeller 


  1. wonderful stuff....
    Very interested in assessments regarding France 40 and Barbarossa.
    Has anyone shared any tables/ideas as yet?

    1. Yes we have some draft stats available at the All Hell Let Loose Facebook group. The sheets are in the group files. The link to the group is in the post above! There is also a Barbarossa scenario in there as well which works well as a solo game.
      Thank you for commenting!

    2. I loath Facebook...but, sometimes you just have to walk through the mud to get to the island of delight...sigh..

      THanks! 6mm Russian/Germans thank you!

    3. Any chance they might be available elsewhere? I've deleted my Facebook, and do not want to create another account---and you can't get at them until you create an account....MeWe works :)

    4. Documents sent through. Enjoy and hope you have a cracking game!


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