Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Rules Outline Videos


In addition to the game play through I posted earlier I have also uploaded a series of shorter videos looking at individual aspects of the All Hell Let Loose rules. Each video covers a distinct section of the rules and is intended to aid understanding of the game.

This first video discusses how units and formations are used to build armies.

Next I look at how strategic counters can be used.

In this video I outline the order and activation system and rules.

Direct fire, the most common form of attack, is covered by this video.

In the 5th video I look at indirect fire.

The next video outlines the Assault combat mechanic.

In the 7th video I discuss morale, resilience and formation quality.

The next video looks at specialist troop types - engineers, reconnaissance and aircraft.

The final video covers the rally and ambush orders in more detail.

I hope you find these useful. Let me know if anything doesn’t make sense of if you would like to see something covered in more detail.

There are more discussions and information available at the All Hell Let Loose Facebook group.

Keep rolling those dice.

Charles the Modeller 


  1. Thanks for all those video very usefull to start to play!
    We write about those here :

    1. I am following your progress with great interest! You have a fantastic blog!


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