Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Plans for 2023

In my last post I reviewed 2022, this post will cover my plans and hopes for the year ahead.

This year I’ve created an Ovelist. An Ovelist is a simple collage of images, each one representing a task, job or activity I intend to do. It is named after its creator Andy Ovel from the Hobby Support Group podcast and is an excellent way of tracking progress and focussing activity. It’s a living document and can be added to, removed from or amended throughout the year. It is not intended that it should become a mill stone around your neck. As you progress, ticks can be added to tasks completed and it should help visualise the progress and achievements that can get all to easily lost in the ether.

Battle of Scarif Board

My big build for the year is going to be creating a board to refight the battle of Scarif, the final battle at the end of Rogue One. I’ve been intending to do this for a couple of years but having just watched the outstanding Andor TV series on Disney+ I have an added impetus now.

The board will be 1800mm by 1200mm and will comprise the many islands and atolls that surround Scarif Tower. I will also incorporate the planetary shield into the game. The key terrain challenges are the enormous number of palm trees required and the modelling of the sea bed around the islands. The board needs to be ready for the Joy of Six wargame show on July 2nd in Sheffield.

Scarif Tower

The main focus on the board, and in the battle, is the huge Scarif Tower. I intend to model the entire complex including landing pads, hydro systems, cooling pipes and the tower itself with the huge communication  dish. I’ve never done anything like this before so it’s a big challenge. The tower will be at least 60cm high.
Scarif figures

I have sourced and am in the middle of painting all the various 6mm figures that I need to represent the rebel marauders as well as the Imperial stormtroopers, shoretroopers and deathtroopers I need to refight the ground battle.

Scarif Vehicles

An odd title but this covers the AT-ACTs, the X wings, TIE fighters, the Imperial Star Destroyers and the rebel fleet. I also intend to build a diorama of the Hammerhead driving the Star Destroyers into the planetary gate.

3D printer

I’ve been wanting to get, and learn how to use, a 3D printer for over a year. I have decided now that I have a permanent hobby space I will take the plunge and buy one.

WW1 Figures 

I backed Henry Turners Europe Asunder: The Great War kickstarter last year. I have access to pretty much the entire figure library for the Great War. They really are beautiful figures and I hope my 3D printing skills progress well enough for me to be able to print out lots of the figures and I have enough time to paint them.

WW1 Rules

I hope David and I can continue our excellent progress on testing the rules for All Hell Let Loose: Great War. With luck this year should see the development complete and then it’s just about distilling it into something coherent.

Gloster Event

The final outing of my Imjin River Korea board will hopefully be a 3 day event at the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum. I am intending to refight the three days of the battle in the Museum itself with visitors taking on the roles of the Glosters and the Chinese. The board will then stay at the Museum in the museum’s Korean room.

Modelling Space

I have recently finished refurbishing some roof space for use as a permanent modelling space. This needs developing and customising so that I can build models and wargame in it. I’m making excellent progress and will post on it shortly. This should make a huge difference to my hobbying giving me the space to really expand my output.

Gaming with the kids

I hope that over the year I’ll be able to get my two sons to play some games with me and hopefully they’ll catch the wargaming bug.

Gaming with my mates

Now I have the space I hope to spend much more time gaming with my mates. I’m setting a target of 20 nights/ days of wargaming and 10 of roleplaying during the year at mine and 10 nights/ days at friends.


Hopefully this year I will make more content for YouTube. I’d like to produce some content on modelling techniques and the models I’ve built.

All in all quite a list, but plenty to keep me going.

Charles the Modeller 

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