Monday, January 3, 2022

2021 End of Year Review

Well that’s 2021 over and done with. So now it’s time to take stock and plan ahead. It’s also when you come to write this stuff down that you realise that despite it being a pretty quiet year that you actually got through quite a lot.

2021 Highlights 

  • David Wasilewski and I joined Sean Clark on Episode 26 of the God’s Own Scale Podcast to talk about our wargaming lives and the All Hell Let Loose wargames rules
  • All Hell Let Loose sales went really well and it’s now a silver bestseller on wargame vault
  • I took my Brécourt Manor to The Other Partizan wargames show.
  • I’ve painted up my British paratroops
  • I took part in the Virtual Joy of Six 
  • I have created my first YouTube videos 
  • This was my third year blogging and although I only managed 14 posts I am still at it. I also passed the 50 posts mark on the blog
  • I got to game in Dan Hodgson’s war room. Not once but twice! It was an awesome experience both times and a really big thanks to Dan and his wife Julia for their hospitality!
  • I have all but completed my Korean War River Imjin board.
  • Work has begun a new WW1 version of the rules, All Hell Let Loose Great War

Passing Regrets
  • I only got to go to one show this year
  • Neither of my kids showing any interest in wargaming. I took both my kids with me to The Other Partizan. It was the youngest’s first time, and they both had a great time at the show, but show no interest other than that. Both of them have got into Dungeons and Dragons in a really big way this year, so I still have hope, but currently, I consider my job as a Dad only half done.
  • The continuing absence of a dedicated war gaming space

2022 Hopes
  • To attend the Joy of Six and bring my Korean participation game
  • Get to more than one wargame show this year
  • Go to Arnhem for the anniversary weekend and meet up with a bunch of other gamers
  • Produce more YouTube content with a greater focus on the models and terrain I build 
  • Continue with the blog
  • Make some progress on getting a dedicated wargaming space.
Keep gaming!

Charles the Modeller


  1. Happy new year, Charles. I can't believe I missed the fact you were at Partizan! I was there for a couple of hours, but ended up chatting to people rather than looking at games.

    I feel your pain regarding your kids. My 11 year old will humour me with a game of Zombiecide but that's about it. She's really quite good at art and think she would make a good figure painter, but for now it's a parenting fail.

    All the best for your plans for the new year and hopefully we can catch up soon.

    1. Happy New Year Sean. I didn’t think you were going to Partizan for some reason. I’m not sure what is happening about York but I will be at Hammerhead so hopefully may see you there. I was painting over the holidays listening to your podcast - as brilliant as ever. Good luck with your Spanish Civil War sideline, pm me anytime.


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